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The van Steen 

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The impact of large-scale calamities, such as fire, is often significant. At such times EMN makes a difference, by having an eye for the value which property holds –  for both the individuals and businesses involved. We make every effort to limit the damage.

  • Strong in both technical knowledge and empathy - when it comes to complex fire claims

  • An eye for both material damage and emotional impact

  • All required services are in house, including: conducting recovery, total claim settlement, valuations, inspections and quick prevention and existing valuation scans

Major calamities and the resulting claims often have enormous influence on the lives of people and on the continuity of enterprises. Which is why our loss adjusters and office staff go to work quickly and with a strong focus on solutions - to limit material damage and the resulting consequential damages for all involved. At the same time, we pay careful attention to the situations of those affected by the damage. In doing so, we offer a meaningful and effective helping hand to your clients.